Services & Treatments

Our mission at Wilmington Internal Medicine is to offer our patients the best primary care in southeastern North Carolina. Dr. Frank A. Snyder, Dr. Ian S. Foxall, Dr. Kimberly J. Salene, Mackensie De La Roca, DNP-FNP, and Shannon Mathis, NP have more than 70 years combined expertise in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We offer a wide range of the latest diagnostics and for lab tests, we do collections in-house. Shortly after collection we will report the test results and help put our patient’s mind at ease.

A good annual physical can go a long way toward ensuring your future health, and while physical exams are part of the excellent service available at Wilmington Internal Medicine, we provide much more. As specialists in the prevention of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, we pride ourselves on offering our patients the most advanced diagnostic tools available. Our goal is to detect any health problem as early as possible and help you keep it manageable – so you can enjoy a long, healthy life to its fullest!

Wilmington Internal Medicine offers a variety of in-house services, including:

  • EKGs
    An electrocardiogram (or EKG/ECG) records the electrical activity of your heart. It can be used as part of a routine physical exam, as a test for heart disease, or to investigate symptoms you may be having due to existing heart problems.
  • Holter monitors
    A Holter monitor is a continuous, 24-hour tape recording of a patient’s EKG. This type of monitoring is much more likely to reveal an abnormal heart rhythm than the regular EKG.
  • Treadmill testing
    Treadmill testing is a stress test performed by monitoring a patient’s heart rate and blood pressure – first at rest, then under progressing levels of physical stress created by the patient’s activity on a treadmill.
  • Bloodwork done by LabCorp phlebotomist
    Hospital-quality testing that is supported by an outstanding regional network, LabCorp is licensed and accredited.
  • Women’s health
    Including pap smear testing, STD detection/prevention, sexual dysfunction, contraception and menopausal counseling.
  • Preventative / wellness counseling
    Evaluate and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, migraines, and etc.
  • Acute illness treatment 
    Diagnosing and treating colds/flus, respiratory infections, sinus issues, sore throat, urinary tract infections and etc.